The Kinsley Sisters Book 1

For years I’ve had a fierce love of Jane Austen – the novels, the films, the letters, her life…That love brought me to adore many modern historic authors, and these stories enriched by a history I will never live, are where I gain comfort when life throws me a curve-ball. Or several.

When the opportunity arose to collaborate with one of my very favorite people, I jumped on it. The Kinsley Sisters are the brain child of author Heather Chapman, and I’m thrilled to be along for the ride.

Isabelle Kinsley is the daughter of a country doctor, whose family has gathered together every penny of their savings to send her to London for a season.

She swiftly learns that her status leaves her mostly ignored, but a chance meeting in a London bookshop, and an invitation to summer party in the country, may be just what her heart needs to find love.

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Thank you for reading! As always, book recommendations are not only welcome, but encouraged!

~ Jo Perry