For years, I’ve loved stories placed at all times in history. There’s something so spectacular about immersing myself in situations that I couldn’t experience without a time machine. And while I’d never actually want to live in a time other than my own, I do love swimming in the details of places that I’ll never get to fully experience.

I’m a huge believer in second chances. I love writing very imperfect people and how they find their perfect match. These stories are all stories that I couldn’t wait to type up. They’re my heart, my fun, and my love of happily ever afters.

~ Jo ~


Isabelle Kinsley is the daughter of a country doctor, whose family has gathered together every penny of their savings to send her to London for a season.

She swiftly learns that her status leaves her mostly ignored, but a chance meeting in a London bookshop, and an invitation to summer party in the country, may be just what her heart needs to find love.

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Juliet Kinsley is a dreamer, preferring poetry and novels to anything aside from the chance at experiencing the world she’s only read about. When a mysterious man washes ashore in her small town of Bridlington, Juliet assists her father in caring for the gentleman’s injuries. Instant connection and mutual attraction sparks Juliet’s interest in the new stranger, but how can she possibly decide her future without fully knowing what else the world has to offer? 

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